School company LAVI

Our school company Lavi comes to the market with the idea of ​​ecological laundry soap Prami.

Our mission is to reduce usage of
classic detergents harmful to humans and the environment in households by introducing our ecological laundry soap.

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  • Less unnecessary and harmful chemicals

    Because our soaps are made by saponifying coconut and olive oil in soap nut lye, our recipe is short, yet contains all the necessary ingredients for washing clothes. The foaming that other washing gels achieve using microplastics is achieved with natural saponin in Prami.

  • More favorable price compared to other detergents

    After dissolving Prami in water, you can make 4 liters of washing gel yourself at home, for which you would normally pay twice as much in a store and wash the same amount of clothes with it.

  • We prevent the creation of single-use plastic

    For the packaging of our Prami product, we use recyclable wrapping paper instead of the plastic bottles in which other liquid detergents are available, preventing the production of excess plastic.

  • Our product will save you space at home

    You can make enough liquid detergent for up to 80 washes from one Prami cube, while in its solid state it takes up a space the size of a regular solid bar of soap.

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